Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're almost not lost now (Day 3)

The children and I woke up and ate some breakfast. Then Dave stumbled down the stairs to wake up Paul so he could go help. Dave had apparently forgotten that it takes Paul three eons to get ready in the morning. So he only had twenty minutes to get around. Well, somehow Paul managed to do it. I think Paul took the fastest shower of his life.

At 8 AM Paul, Dave and Mike (Dave's tenant) set off to work on getting ready for the reception. I bathed myself and the children and got everybody dressed (though not in our wedding clothes) and packed everything up we'd need for the day. Then we all got in the van with the plan of going to play before the wedding. Dave gave me directions to the Millvale riverfront park. It looked like a fun place to go. But since it was pouring down rain we didn't go there. Instead (at about 9:30), I decided that we would go to the church to make sure I could find it then we'd drive somewhere to play and eat lunch. The church was supposed to be about 12 minutes from the house.

Well, we followed Dave's directions... Take North Ave. until it comes to a T and then turn right. The road I ended up on took me to 28 the main Pittsburgh rd. on the North shores. I was pretty sure this was wrong. So I turned around retraced my steps and followed the directions again. Same thing. Only once I began to sense that something wasn't right I stopped at a gas station to look at my map. I was on Evergreen. I was supposed to be on Babcock (then Thompson run) I saw on the map near Babcock and Thompson run a street labelled Evergreen (only a couple blocks out of the way). So I got back on Evergreen and stopped at a little yard sale to ask directions. Go up to the second street, turn right, go two stoplights, turn right again and follow that to Babcock. Simple enough.

So I followed these directions, which would probably have worked out great. Except the step that had me turn the wrong way onto a one way street. So I went around the block and tried to guess what I was supposed to have done (I went to the first street instead of the second). This took me to a road that dead ended with no stoplights. So I went up and took the third street. Which was 28. And I was prepared to turn right. Problem.

The were no right turns available until I was in the heart of the city. The first right I came to was an on ramp for 279 S. I should have taken this. At least I'd have known where I was. So I came through a number of exit ramps onto major highways. Then I saw a bunch of parking lots and parking garages. All of the parking lots were charging at least 25 dollars, otherwise I might have just parked and waited for someone to come and find me. Instead I pulled over and asked for directions from a parking lot attendant. He gave me very simple directions to 279 N which seemed like a good idea at the time. I was pretty sure I could find it from there.

So I followed his simple directions. Until they told me to turn onto a road that was closed for constructions. Not a big deal all I had to do was follow the road around Heinz stadium and then make my turn. I saw the science center. It was only a couple blocks away. And I was very tempted to park somewhere and go to it. Well it took over half an hour to drive those two blocks! And another 45 minutes to drive around the stadium. (I later found out the bad traffic was caused by a Kenny Chesney concert).

Thankfully my children were wonderfully behaved. Although they kept asking where we were. (Answer: we're still between Heinz stadium and the science center) I called Dave at some point to apprise him of my situation.

After we finally got out of the mess and onto 279 N I thought we were in the clear. What I didn't realize was that I was suppose to be in the left lane immediately after exiting the highway. Instead I was in the right lane. And I had to turn right.

Sammy said then "We're almost not lost now, Mommy"

So I'm not really used to driving PA style. Around here there's usually an easy way to get anywhere. And if you miss your turn you can go around the block. So I went up and made the first turn. It led me somewhere, and I looked for a place to turn around.

Fortunately Paul called from Dave's phone. Paul had no idea how to direct me. So he gave the phone to Bill (another one of the groomsmen) who stayed on the line and directed me the rest of the way to the church.

We got to the church at noon and the children were all very hungry. There was no time to take them out to eat at this point. But Dave and Leanne had some food in the back room for the wedding party. When we got to the food I saw one chocolate brownie. Which I crammed into my mouth before the children could fight over it.

After eating we found the nursery, and I got myself and the kids ready for the wedding. Linda and Cheryl arrived soon after. Then we let the kids play in the nursery for awhile. Soon people started stopping by and asking if we were the babysitters. This is when we found out that Dave and Leanne had hired babysitters to watch the little ones during the ceremony.

The babysitters did eventually show up. And Isaac and Sam stayed in the nursery for the wedding. The girls watched the wedding with us.

The wedding was beautiful. The bridesmaids wore a lovely clover green. And Paul looked very handsome in his tux (even if the pants were about three inches too long). The processional was "this week in sports" I think. Very fitting for Dave. And the bridesmaids timed their entry very well.

After the wedding we changed into comfy clothes for the reception. The kids and grandma and aunt cheryl hung out in the nursery mostly while the wedding party had their pictures taken. Then grandma and cheryl left to get car decorating supplies on their way to the reception. This is when Isaac had a very explosive dirty diaper that made quite a mess of his clothing.

I tried to call Linda, no answer. Fortunately one of the groomsmen found a pair of his daughter's shorts that Isaac could borrow. They were a little frilly/sill looking but it worked out.

to be continued...

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