Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Like rain on your wedding day (Day 3 part 2)

Going from the church to the reception I made Paul drive, not wanting to get lost again. We followed the pastor, who other than us was the last person to leave. When we arrived Grandma and Cheryl helped us unload everybody from the van. The children were excited to see the little playground. And they did not seem to mind at all that it was pouring down rain. We took turns spending time with the kids outside and sitting at a table inside. Someone needed to stay at the table to keep it (since there really was not enough space for all of the people crammed inside. A bunch of people played volleyball/football outside in the rain. And there were swings and such that the kids loved.

I had a nice conversation with Dave's aunt Joann who remembered me from a previous visit. I shared with her about my morning adventure lost in Pittsburgh. And she shared how, after arriving at the church, they didn't want to get lost so they ended up eating butterscotch chips in the car for lunch.

Dinner was a cook-out so it got delayed a little because of the rain. But pretty much right after eating. I took the kids and drove back to Dave's house. Paul stayed behind till the end, and then drove Leanne's car back to the house (it was loaded up with wedding gifts and leftover food). I didn't even get a little bit lost. I put the kids to bed early again, with much more success this time.

And then I called Jess and had a nice conversation while I waited for Paul to return home. Jess had just driven through Iowa that day. So she shared with me firsthand accounts of the flooding. Wow!

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