Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The little ladies with the big food

Thursday morning in the wee smas Omi and Isaac both woke up really cold. I was having trouble keeping both of them warm. So at about 6 AM I took the two of them and set off on a mission. To buy sweat pants. I guess I am too used to the way things are around here. Because nothing in the area opened until 8 AM. Well, not nothing. Bruegger's Bagel's was open. So I bought some bagels and headed back to the house.

Papa and I then got the kids around and we took them to McD's again. This time I walked away on a mission while the kids played. I was still trying to find sweatpants for Paul. First I walked to Kohl's. No sweatpants. Although they did have some running pants of the type Paul dislikes. Then I walked to target. I found one pair of sweatpants (an XXL). So no dice. I walked back to McD's and we corralled the kids. Then we took off. On the way back we passed a Burlington Coat Factory. Where we stopped, and I did find sweat pants this time. Yay!

Back at the house Papa mowed the lawn while I tried to clean up and organize our stuff and Paul worked on the counters he was making for Dave and Leanne (see picture above).

Then at about 3:00 Paul drove me downtown so I could catch the T (trolley). I took the T to South Hills Village where Linda and Cheryl met me. We went back to Linda's for a little bit. Then Cheryl and I set off for the bachelorette party on the waterfront.

The party was at Sing Sing's, a dueling piano bar. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It was half music/half comedy show. They took requests of just about every sort. (I requested American Pie). I really enjoyed the first bit. But as the evening wore on the humor became raunchier and more crude. As part of our party package we got a free appetizer sampler. It was taller than we were. There was originally supposed to be a much larger group of us, but it ended up being just 4 of us (one of whom was late). The pianists made fun of us for our huge tray of food. But at least the teasing was pretty mild. There was a middle-aged woman named Dolly who they really went TOO far with. She took it well. I probably would have smacked them.

At the end of the evening I drove everyone home (obviously not in my car). Then I spent the night at Linda's.

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