Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting a fax for the Beatles (Day 5)

After spending all that time in traffic beside the science center on Saturday, I decided we should go to the science center on Monday. For some reason Paul awoke at 6:30 AM. So we all got up and around and made it to the science center by 9:00. Only to realize that it didn't open until 10:00. So we decided to go for a stroll along the river. It was a beautiful morning. The boys especially liked the part of the stroll that went by the 'struction 'quipment. There were several excavators digging. We saw a few fisherman out. And a few others. But mostly it was fairly quite along the river.

Then a little before 10:00 we walked back to the science center. We couldn't find our science central membership card (they have reciprocal membership). So we asked the lady at the desk to call science central for us. The administration person at science central told her we were members and they let us in. Embarassingly, though, it turns out our science central membership expired two weeks before.

We started out our adventure by heading up. It was our plan to go to the fourth floor. But we were distracted on the second floor. There was a maze, a robotics display (with a really cool basketball playing robot), and an awesome model train. And our favorite part the backhoe arm that you could control.

Then we made it to the fourth floor, where the kids played with the water table and the acme ball factory. And I fed Naomi.

A little after 11:00 we went outside and ate the picnic lunch I had packed. Then we went back in to watch a planetarium "demonstration" called "The Sky Above Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" All of the kids loved it, but especially Abigail. Then we watched a demonstration on the chemistry of meringues. I don't think that my children understand coagulation any better than before, but they did enjoy eating the meringues (which are gluten free naturally).

The kids were acting tired and running out of good behavior. So we started on our way out. Though we got distracted by several exhibits on the way out.

Then we drove toward Grandma Linda's house. We stopped on the way to make some photocopies of the candy bar labels I had designed for Cheryl's wedding. Cheryl just needed a few more. Paul stayed in the van with the sleeping children, while I ran into the UPS store. I had brought my own cotton paper, so the labels would match the others.

The lady put my papers in the train and printed. Unfortunately, the copier was set on black and white. So that was a waste. So she readjusted to color and printed again. This time a fax for George Harrison came out.

Then another attempt: this time they were in color, but the background wasn't pink. The lady called over the manager, who attempted again trying several variations of color tricks. The copier was just determined not to make my wrappers pink. Ugh!

I left with a large stack of copies, none of them looked right, but they only charged me $2.00 for the whole stack. They also gave me some linen paper to make up for my cotton paper which they had wasted. (Oh, did I mention George Harrison got another fax... this time it came on linen).

Then we stopped in the really cool teacher store. There was a train table in the back. I found some neat homeschooling books for Abby, while the kids played.

Finally we made it to Grandma's house. Paul took the kids swimming (after the rain stopped), while I fed Omi and cooked dinner.

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