Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Columbus day (Day 4)

Sunday morning we woke up and got around for church. We decided to attend Dave's church. I reminded Paul he needed to wake up early since it is a two and a half hour drive. We actually followed Mike, though, so there wasn't much danger in getting lost. And apparently it was really easy to get to the church, as long as you knew to turn left at the first T. Oops!

The church service was very nice. All of their singing is Psalms. Which is okay, but I missed my good old hymns. In the nursery after service, I met a nice lady from Columbus, IN who had eight children. Her husband was an engineer. And she had visited Rose long ago for a math competition. So we had a lot to talk about (if only I could remember her name). Then we went on to Sunday school. The children were in different classes from each other. Which is unusual for them.

Then we decided to try to go to the young adult class which was supposed to be meeting outside. We walked the entire perimeter of the church, and could not find them. So we went to the "old people" class. A lot of those people were actually fairly young. The class was about Christian education, so it probably was good for us to hear.

After Sunday school we went to pick up the children. I got the boys and Omi. And Paul got Abigail. After gathering the children I walked to the fellowship hall, which is where I guessed I would find Paul. I was wrong. But it is where the boys found cupcakes and proceeded to make a huge mess. An older lady came by and helped me clean up while I chased Isaac around the room.

It turns out that this woman was from Columbus, IN and her daughter had eight children.

We did eventually find Paul and get the kids loaded up.

We didn't do a whole lot that day. Although we ran a few errands and Paul started work on his wedding present for Dave and Leanne.

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