Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The time between times

After arriving at the church. Anne and I (and Omi) wandered around trying to find the brides room. Fortunately Sue found us and showed us where to go.

Linda had some bagels there for us. So we ate. Anne did Cheryl's make-up. Then Cheryl and I helped each other into our torture chambers (I mean corsets). Then I got dressed. Cheryl on the other hand needed the assistance of at least four additional people to get her dress on. It had these laces up the back that needed to be pulled really tight. But everyone was afraid of pulling too tight, lest they hurt Cheryl.

During all this time I was running around like crazy trying to help get the kids ready to go. Sammy's socks had been forgotten, which didn't make Linda very happy. I really thought she was going to go berserk (I eventually found the socks yesterday when I was unpacking --they got put with Paul's shaving stuff somehow). Then it came out that the ringbearer pillow had been forgotten. Linda came and told us that someone would need to go back to the hotel to get it.

Paul agreed to go. But then Sue came in to pin corsages on Sam and Paul. So Paul didn't get left quite yet. Just as he was about to leave. Two of the bridesmaids came in to yell at us about the pillow. Apparently they had gotten the message that Paul had refused to go and get the pillow (completely untrue).

As you can see everybody's tempers were pretty stoked at this time. And the photographer was trying to get photos done. But mostly there was nothing to do but wait.


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