Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rosemary Sunset

Life has sure changed a lot since college days. It’s 8:30 and here I am just about ready for bed. Paul wants me to play DDR with him and I’m not sure if I can manage. Of course, I know that if I get started dancing it will be easy to keep going. That game is way too addictive.

I spent most of today trying to clean our basement. Hopefully we will be able to paint it sometime this week. The paint we bought is called Flemish Blue. It was really hard to decide between it and Hola Indigo. I really don’t know how the paint people come up with such names. Our upstairs walls are Orchid Whisper, which sounds like it should be purple or something. It’s actually white with a tiny hint of blue.

Abigail and Sam spent the day and Nana and Papa’s house. I am so thankful for free babysitting. Of course, there are many other reasons it is good to be close to family.
I have been reading “The New Strong-Willed Child” by Dr. James Dobson. I am not sure that it has been all that helpful. Except it reminds me that I am not the only one out there with a strong-willed little one. That would be Abigail, of course. She can be incredibly sweet and well-behaved, but she can also drive me nuts. I think she was born to be a leader. Unfortunately, she’ll have to learn not to be so bossy.


Loree said...

You have DDR! What a great game. ^^ About as addictive as Katamari Damacy.

I think designers need a pretentious streak when coming up with new colors. When we painted the nursery, we used such classics as Morning Breeze and Magic Spell. They're a sky blue and a slightly muted regular blue.

All I know about "strong-willed" really is that my mom always likes to say I was the one who gave her her gray hairs...

Dave said...

Is this still the Veggie Tales DDR, or have you invested in the upgrade? Monica and I are now playing the PS1 version (Konamix) a few times a week. My favorite is to put the game on a really hard level and dance so hard that by the end of it I am lying on the floor beside the pad, panting to death.

Dave said...

By the way, you need to add links to your page so that the blog surfers can move between blogs more easily.

(And it might improve my readership!)

Shae said...

We do still do the VeggieTales sometimes. But we also have a new version. It's not actually DDR, it's "Dance Praise" we picked it because it is compatible with the VeggieTales dance pad, so now we have two pads.

As far as adding links, I don't know how.

Dave said...

Is Paul web savvy? Maybe he could do it for you.

The next time I'm in Fort Wayne we'll have to have a DDR night.

Shae said...

Reply, are you saying there's not an easy, obvious way to add the links, that I just missed?

Paul is very computer/web savvy, and if I remember to ask him, he would help me. He's had a lot of long, late nights the past few days.