Tuesday, January 23, 2007

environmental dangers

Kathy has seen the house, and in a few weeks, Shae will, too, and I'm willing to bet that its condition will not have changed in the interval between their visits.

Well, the tree will be packed away.

But I'm speaking of that condition people refer to as "babyproof". I disbelieve in such an absolute condition, but lately Derek and I have been (vaguely) thinking of moving the house into the "babyproof" range, seeing that Rachel's getting pretty active as of late. We don't expect her to be jetting around the house tomorrow, or anything, but she's managed to stop smashing her nose into the playmat *every* time we've set her on her stomach. I figure our "unsafe house" days are numbered.

In light of that somber revelation, I've started mental lists (plural because I tend to start and restart similar lists in my head, instead of revising them) of what needs to be done in the upcoming days/weeks/months to keep me and Derek from stumbling upon a sad, messy sight in the future (or, at the very least, reduce the probability of such things from happening). These include:

-Finding a place to put the gamecube other than on the floor.
-Moving books from lower shelves.
-Framing and hanging the Change poster
-Getting babygates, socket covers, cabinet locks+

Admittedly, it's hard to think of her as being mobile, especially with her attachment to being carried around so much. She's on my lap now, napping and making sucking motions with her mouth every once in a while.

... Yeah.


Kathy said...

I agree. A house being "absolutely babyproof" is as realistic as frictionless pulleys. I have every confidence that you can stay ahead of Rachel. On the bright side, you keep your flour well out of harm's way. My mom used to keep the flour closer to the floor on a shelf. Until that fateful day I found it and decided to make pictures on the floor with it while she was on the phone. Mom did the only thing she could do when she saw me -- take a picture that would later be labeled "oops! forgot to babyproof the kitchen" then clean up both me and the floor.

Soon new visitors? How exciting! More people to play "pass the baby" with, eh?

Shae said...

"babyproof" what's that supposed to mean anyway? That it keeps babies out? I like having babies in my house! The main thing is that she's safe. Our house is a long way from being as babyproof as it ought to be. I end up having to put Isaac in his playpen way too often.

And, Kathy, I think I need to see this picture.

Loree said...

I need to see this picture, too.

The flour is indeed out of harm's way. The dishrack? Not so much, but not much we can do about it. My brothers and I have taken out a couple of dishes by way of an ill-placed dishrack.

We have a playpen, and the thought of having a place to put her makes me happier. ^^

Kathy said...

Yes, I believe you would get a kick out of the picture Shae. It is not scanned, but I know where it is kept and will bring it along the next time I visit. (provided I remember)