Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Caffeine Addicts Unite!

First of all I just want to say thanks Loree! Someone actually posted a comment!

"Dora" is napping right now but her two brothers are up. So I should probably be playing with them. Naptime is one of my favorite times of day. I have friend with three small children who uses naptime to get all sorts of productive stuff done. Not me, I use it to nap, or read the paper or whatever. The only way I can survive a typical day without a nap is with loads and loads of caffeine. Truthfully, even with a nap I find it hard to make it through without caffeine!

Saturday night, I decided I needed to give up caffeine. Every couple of months I decide this. If I can go a week that is impressive. The truth is that since making my decision Saturday I have consumed one slice of chocolate chip zucchini bread (which I rationalized must be healthy since it contains vegetables), one twenty ounce bottle of pepsi, and one glass of iced tea. I was doing pretty well today, but when I wanted to write something I said to myself "I can't think I better go make myself a cup of tea!"

I am sure you are all amazed by my total lack of will power. I don't bother to make New Years Resolutions since I know they will never last. Perhaps the reason I don't succeed is that I believe that I can't. Or maybe giving up caffeine is just too difficult. (Maybe if I didn't have to give up chocolate and cola both).

It seems that most of the adult world is addicted to caffeine in one form or another. Am I the only one waging this battle? Should I just give up? Maybe if I cutback a little at a time.

Well, I'll let you think about that while I go and drink my tea.


Scott said...
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Scott said...

I think most of the developed world is addicted to two things that are co-dependant: refined sugar, and caffeine /theobromine ??sp??. I haven't had that much trouble cutting out caffeine /theo with no soda, but the refined sugar I have a huge problem with. Nutrigrain bars and flavored yogurt are staples of my diet so it's really hard for me to cut back on sugar. And to add to that trouble every so often in the afternoon I just have to have an orange crush to get me a sugar high to make it through the day. 

I do bother to make resolutions every so often, if they happen to fall on New Year's due to a reminding even then whatever, but they are hard no matter what it is. I wish you tenacity and determination in cutting back your caffeine.

Loree said...

:P I keep an LJ, and I haven't been posting much there, either. I'm kinda sporadic on the commenting.

Giving up caffeine is pretty hard, from what I've seen. Two former roommates quit caffeine, and they got massive headaches for at least a week. These guys were heavy Dew drinkers, so the withdrawal was hard on them.

You can try just toning it down as you go. Finish off the caffeine in the cupboard, but don't get much more when shopping?

I can't think of not having caffeine every once in awhile. ^^;;