Friday, January 12, 2007

Going Generic

I awoke this morning feeling rather "ugh" all over. I should have felt great since all three of my children slept through the night. Anyhow, I think I'll blame the pharmacist for feeling yucky. You see, last time I went to Walgreens to have my thyroid medication refilled the pharmacist substituted a generic. I just started on the new script yesterday morning.
Maybe it's just a crazy notion? Has anyone else ever noticed a generic prescription being ineffective or at least less effective?
At first I thought that this seemed ridiculous, after all the generic is supposed to contain exactly the same amount of the active ingredient as the brand name. But I guess the supposed inactives can make a difference too.
Why should we expect that generic medicines would be any different than the other generic things we buy. Some generics seem to be just fine, but others are definitely very low quality. Generic Cheerios for instance, seem to get mushy almost as soon as you add milk. I also loathe generic colas. On the other hand milk or corn flakes or q-tips (excuse me, cotton swabs) seem just fine.
I have also noticed that Meijer brand products are often superior to the products they are emulating. For one thing, they add a lot less junk. And since my kids have allergies this can make a big difference. I wonder if this would work with medicine too.
Does anyone have any thoughts? Are there generics you would or would not use?


Ro said...

?? I apparently have a Blogger account. (This is Loree)


Anyway. I used the generic version of Claritin and other OTC medicines, if I can help it - but for prescription stuff I hope for whatever it is that was prescribed in the first place.

Though, I can't say I've had much experience in that department. ;_;

Scott said...

I've used generic versions of otc stuff and it's iffy for me. I tend to be more sensitive to drugs than most and it's really hit or miss. I've also taken some generic antibiodic perscriptions that have worked fine, but for the serious stuff my docs have always perscribed name brand so I don't know about the heavy hitters...

Now for the fun part, let's see if my google account works...