Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where are the fairies?

Confession: My house is a mess. My house is usually a mess. Partly this is because I really loathe housework. A friend once gave me a notebook that says "Housework, if done correctly, can kill you!" One certainty is that I will never find that one out for myself. I have always exalted in the story of Mary and Martha in which Mary is sitting at Jesus' feet and Martha is busy about serving the guests. Of course Martha is cheesed about it. But Jesus' says that Mary chose the better way.

Those of you who have been guests in my home, realize there is no danger of me worrying to much about serving. You see, there are still things that have not been put away since the last time I had company (New Years).

The problem is that the work needs to get done somehow. Especially since we're having a party for Sam's Birthday Saturday. And it's not looking likely that there are going to be fairies coming to clean. I realize that I have it so much easier than the many generations of women before me. Especially with the dishwasher! Zounds! M&M surely had a lot more work to worry about than me. Still I am not so sure I couldn't stand to be a little more like Martha!


Kathy said...

If it makes you feel any better, our house is always a mess even though the children in my family are old enough to help (let's not all laugh at once). Granted, there is the obligatory cleaning rush whenever we have family over for children's birthdays (thankfully most of us are too old now for that). When I had a place of my own it tended to get rather cluttered as well (my excuse being I was the only one who ever saw it). So, needless to say, you are not alone in your dread of housework. Did you ever see the movie "Bednobs and Broomsticks"? Some days I really wish I could sing about "substitutiary locomotion," say the magic words and have inanimate objects get up and do the work for me.

Loree said...

Telekinesis! Yeah.