Thursday, January 18, 2007

another voice being heard from

So this must mean the world is coming a step closer to the end. I'm actually writing in someone's blog online. Unlike the other 2 writers thus far, I have not dealt with young children on such a regular basis for quite some time. Though, as the oldest of 5 children I did so for most of my remembered life until I went to Rose. The "baby" turned 10 at the beginning of last August, which made me feel very old. However, in addition to the 10 yr old I have the joy of living in the same house as a 15 yr-old sister and a 17 (almost 18) yr-old brother who aren't quite so thrilled with my bossing... I mean my maternal tendancies. Until I get a new job. Then I can move out and theoretically have some quiet every now and again. I had a 2nd interview with a company today. I'm supposed to hear back around the end of the month. It would be a wonderful opportunity. My parents would be happy that it is in the area and that means they'll see me and I can still help be an extra driver when they need to be in 3 places in the same time frame. I'm hoping and praying something comes through soon. One of my goals during work right now is not to noticeably fall asleep. On the bright side, when my supervisor introduced me to another engineer from the purchasing company (the eng dept in Cleveland grew this week for the 1st time in over a year!) he made some comment about what a great help I was. At least some of the folks in the shop started a chess tournament. It gives me a mental puzzle to think about as I try to figure out what my next move should be and what the is the most probable next move for my opponent. For some reason I am reminded of grade school students when asked what their favorite part of the day is and they answer "lunch."

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Loree said...

I like lunch. When I can eat it. ^^