Thursday, January 18, 2007


There are 2 fingers and a thumb in her mouth now, and some distinct sucking sounds.

This past December we ended up receiving packages in the mail a lot, some for Rachel, and some for all of us. I've noticed that we get two different carriers to the subdivision, just because of how differently our packages get delivered. One guy just leaves them in front of the door (I've seen this, because I was in the living room at the time), and the lady likes to ring the doorbell and put it inside. As well as look at the baby. She likes to whisper because I think she thinks Rachel's asleep all the time. It's pretty amusing.

I learned how to knit. Sort of. I picked it up so I could learn how to make soakers, but floppy sweaters may be another goal. Got any recommendations for stretchy wool yarn?

Derek wants to see if she can get her whole fist in her mouth. ... I'm curious, too.


Kathy said...

Her fist in her mouth? I think she can figure that out. Just wait until she finds her feet and tries to put them in her mouth.
oooh... knitting... I've only learned how to crochet so far. Perhaps someday...

Shae said...

Strange about the mailman/woman thing. I've noticed that when our UPS guy delivers stuff (we get quite a bit from UPS since that's how Sam's medical supplies come), if Paul answers the door he asks "Maurer?" But if I do he doesn't ask. I guess he recognizes me, or something?