Monday, February 5, 2007

Snow Everywhere!

I sliced my thumb and middle finger yesterday while chopping onions for a casserole. It was odd for a second or two, because my thumb didn't *hurt*, but rather just felt like I'd mildly hit it against a doorframe or something.

No blood (+) got in the casserole, don't worry about that. Nor did it get on the carpet.

Rachel, however, was unhappy about being un-held (we'd put her down on the playmat for a few minutes before), and was vocalizing the point while Derek ran to look for Band-Aids and ointment.

The girl doesn't like being put down anywhere, really. We've invested in a sling and carrier specifically for those times when she realizes that we have laid her down so she could play with her toys (and we could get some other things done) and doesn't like it one bit. All that advice about putting a baby on his/her tummy for playtime? We couldn't really start that until about the second month, and even then, she didn't last long before wanting to be held again (not turned over, held).

So much for reading.

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Shae said...

Well, at least the casserole was yummy. Thanks again for dinner!

I found that the best way to have tummy time with my babies was to lay down and put the baby on my tummy. Abigail especially liked this. In fact this was the only way I could get her to fall asleep the first couple of weeks (and I am sure that is a big NO!).