Friday, February 9, 2007

Nap = Scream?

My children are all napping right now. By napping I mean that they are lying in bed wide awake trying to outscream each other. They have been grouchy all morning so I concluded that they must be tired.

Abigail is also particularly upset because I stuck band-aids on her thumbs so she won't suck them. The dentist told us yesterday that her thumb sucking has caused her to develop a bad growth pattern for her teeth, and if she does not stop the thumb sucking there will be lots of orthodontic work in her future. When I first put the band-aids on Abigail screamed for over half an hour nonstop. I am honestly surprised that she has not removed them. I really am hoping to avoid having to use tabasco sauce or "Salsa from Hell." My uncle Howard bought us a jar of "Salsa from Hell" when he was in Oklahoma; I have been afraid to taste it, but Paul says it is indeed very hot.

It has finally quieted, so I suppose I ought to do something productive.

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M LO said...

"Salsa from Hell" seems like just the type of gift one would get from Howard. I also hope that you don't have to put any of this diabolical salsa on Abigail's thumbs!