Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crunchy Quiz Part II

Crunchy Quiz Part II

6. Do you co-sleep?

10 points for “yes” (all night every night)

5 points for “yes” (part/all of most nights)

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no”.

1. When the children were babies, I kept them right beside our bed in a bassinett. And there were many, many nights that they slept on my tummy. In general though I don't think any of us would get much sleep if we tried this as the kids got older.

7. Do you use a sling/soft carrier?

5 points for “yes”

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no” (wouldn’t consider it).

5. I have a sling, snugli, and a hip hammock. I have used the snugli most of all, and I don't know if I could have survived without it.

8. Do you believe in/practice child-led weaning (even if that means breastfeeding for several years)?

15 points for “yes” (complete child-led weaning)

10 points for “yes” (up to 3 years)

5 points for “yes” (up to 2 years)

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no” (you’ll wean the baby at 1 year or earlier).

5. I really would be surprised if Isaac makes it two years, he is 10 months now, and is already losing interest. But I am definitely not nursing him longer than that.

9. Do you tandem nurse/nurse during your pregnancy?

10 points for “yes” (nurse during pregnancy and tandem nurse)

5 points for “yes” (nurse during pregnancy, but wean before birth)

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no” (wouldn’t consider it).

5. But I'm really hoping he'll be weaned before I get pregnant again.

10. Do you eat organic/whole/natural foods and limit your meat? Do you use natural cleaning products?

20 points for “yes” (grow own/buy organic, shop only at health food store, grind own wheat, vegetarian, natural cleaning products, etc.)

15 points for “yes” (grow some of own food, buy organic, use whole wheat flour, bake own bread, eat some organic, free-range meat occasionally, some natural cleaning products)

10 points for “yes” (grow some of own food, use whole wheat flour, bake own bread, eat some meat occasionally)

5 points for “yes” (try to buy natural, whole grain foods, etc.)

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no” (wouldn’t consider it).

7. We actually eat quite a bit of meat. But it's mostly free-range. We have half a cow (less some) in our deep freeze. We also use free-range eggs (ack! Somebody catch those eggs). Rather than whole-wheat, I use brown rice flour. And I do buy some bread. Yum Ezekiel 4:9 (if you haven't tried this you should). And I have to admit, I have some weaknesses for some completely processed junk food (e.g. coke).

11. Do you use herbal/homeopathic remedies?

10 points if “yes” (very rarely see a regular doctor)

5 points if “yes” (but use a doctor occasionally)

2 points if “thinking about it” (see a doc for now)

0 points for “no” (wouldn’t consider it).

4. I use herbal remedies fairly often. But we also use the doctor more than occasionally. It sometimes amazes me how much the doctors have forgotten simple common sense treatments, and instead use drugs.

12. Do you or will you homeschool?

10 points if “yes”.

5 points if "part time" (do a combination of private or other school some days and home school others).

2 points for “thinking about it”

0 points for “no” (wouldn’t consider it).

10. That's the plan for now anyway. I do school time with Abigail now, and she absolutely loves it.

I'll save the rest of the quiz for next time. And maybe soon, since I'm no longer using my seven-year-old laptop I will post some pictures and add some more links soon.
I don't know what's up with the size/boldness. I tried to fix it but only made it worse.


Kathy said...

No longer using the 7 year old laptop?

Shae said...

Paul has a new computer

Loree said...

6. 5: We're trying to get her to sleep on her own, though; the bed's just not big enough, plus she's depending on it too much.

7. 5: mei tai and a sling.

8. 2: maybe? I have no clue

9. 2: Hrrr, that would involve being pregnant...

10. 3: We like meat, but every once in a while I splurge on organic.

11. 1

12. 2: I would think about it, and it would really depend on how the schools work out here.