Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Accomplishments Abound

Or something of the sort. With the area being under a blizzard warning, I decided that today was a good day to go to the grocery store for meat. It was there that I finally got Rachel to keep the pacifier in her mouth long enough for her own satisfaction (sleep), and she even helped by trying to keep the thing in with her fist!

After we got back, I set her on her playmat so I could put up groceries, and she got a good grip on her musical lion - it went off continuously for a couple of minutes. Yay!

I do understand that we're in for a world of hurt later when it doesn't *stop*.

Derek got a high chair the other day while he was out returning a power supply (his computer is borked, so we're on the lookout for a cheap computer that meets our specs[0]), and the little girl seems pretty ambivalent about it. This means she doesn't complain while she's in it, probably because she can watch us eat from where she's sitting. Yay, free hands!

I think some random guy at Walmart was trying to make himself feel superior to me by asking me what the price was on a couple of sponges. The price tag, by the way, was right in front of him. I got the feeling he was going to go into a long speech about how he could save more at some other place; he sounded eerily similar to another man I'd met at another Walmart who carried around a long list of prices from other stores and stopped me just to tell me that there were better places to get things. That time I'd let him go on about the prices at three different stores scattered in a town I hardly knew my way around; this time I figured a sleeping baby was valuable time to be spent finishing up the shopping, so I took evasive maneuvers.

I can understand trying to save money, and if I really did have the time to compare prices and quality of goods, I would do so. Having random people tell me in idle chat that I'm wasting money on a product I trust instead of saving with one I don't is a little annoying. Go criticize someone else's spending habits, please, I know exactly when I waste money[1].

[0]Intel Core 2 Duo, and 1GB of RAM - yeah, we know that doesn't fit most people's standards of cheap, but we do want something worth getting.

[1]As evidenced by the things I rarely ever use.


Shae said...

I think the best response to those people who try to "help" you save money is to say. Oh, that's good to know. But right now I'm in a hurry I need to get these things. But I'll remember that for next time.

This might not work. What I want to know is how to respond to the similar type of person, who critiques my selection of produce. For instance, someone might tell me that green bananas are healthier.

That's cool that Rachel likes her high chair. And also cool about the pacifier. We refer to the pacifier as a foo-foo and the baby's mouth as a foo-foo recepticle. Therefore, giving a screaming baby a pacifier is called foo-fooizing the baby.

(incidentally Isaac doesn't particularly like the things).

Kathy said...

We're getting quite a bit of snow here in Cleveland today as well. Probably the same storm system. I got to shovel the drive a few times. It was a nice way to get some exercise since apparently the YMCA was closed (once I got home from work I had no intention of leaving again this evening).

It sure sounds like Rachel is growing! Granted, that is me stating the obvious, it just never ceases to amaze me how quickly babies grow!

On that note, Shae, I am not surprised that Isaac is less than thrilled at being foo-fooizied. Since from my visits he appears to have a healthy appetite, I can only imagine he is disappointed at the lack of food from the foo-foo.

Honestly, if one store is the most convenient for your shopping purposes, even if the prices are a little higher it evens out when you factor in time wasted and driving. Personally, the less time I have to spend shopping the better. People are strange sometimes.

Oh, best of luck with finding a new computer.