Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Il neige

For those of you who don't speak French (and unlike Barbra Manatee have no time to learn), Il neige = it snows. See, I have not forgotten all the French I learned in high school. Anyhow, all 3 of my siblings have a snow day in the morning. I, on the other hand, plan to get up early and shovel snow. Maybe that will help wake me up so I am awake at work. Jenna tells me that not only did ISU close for part of the afternoon, but Rose did as well. Which means they must have gotten a ton of snow to cancel 8-10 hr during 10th week. (Needless to say I was shocked at this news).

Speaking of work, I was contacted by a certain company in Ft Wayne that had spoken with me in Dec, asking if I was still interested. I told them I was, so we will see if anything comes of it.

Also, interesting story from telling someone about work today. The Engineering Lab stuff is getting moved up north. One of the projects I have been working on of late is to write work instructions for how we build things here so the MN people will be able to do it when the time comes. This involves watching the assembler, taking notes and pictures, and then in the afternoon going back and labeling all the test fixtures and special tools. This labeling process involves the use of a Dremel, which lived in the Eng Lab, specifically one of the chests that today had a sign saying it was going to MN. I asked if the Dremel was going and mentioned that we still use it. The guy labeling stuff to go to MN told me he didn't want it to grow legs and wander off, so I could use it, but make sure it returned to said tool chest. Then this afternoon the Dremel was released to my custody indefinitely. Part of me wanted to skip back to my desk, but I maintained a more dignified approach and simply told the other engineer about the change in location. I related the basics of this story to Jess this evening, and she told me I should have a new job title, "Supervisor of the tools." After having written it, she realized what a horrible pun that was. So I got a laugh out of that.

My engineering creativity (and laziness) came to the forefront yesterday. Mary had a project where she had to give a talk about a snowman-like creation that she invented. She wanted a prop and was trying to figure out how to create such a thing out of everyday objects. Mom thought this would require an ME. I looked at it all and said, "Why not use one of the Christmas decorations?" So, much to Mom's relief, that is just what Mary did.


Loree said...

Derek's shoveling the driveway right now; he ended up calling me to see if I could open the garage door from the inside with all that snow.

That's... amazing. When was the last time Rose canceled classes?

Good luck with the Ft. Wayne job! That would put more people in that oh-so-popular city. =) You can even tell them that you got promoted to Supervisor of the tools. ^^

Engineering = the design and process of being lazy.

Shae said...

Woohoo! Fort Wayne!