Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Week That Was

Caution: The following post covers discussions of warts, vomit and baby poop. Those of you who are squeamish may wish to tune out now.

Monday as far as I can remember was a normal day. I was kind of achy all over and didn't feel hungry, but I just attributed this to normal wear and tear.

Tuesday morning, I still didn't feel great, but plans went on as normal. This included an appointment for Paul with his podiatrist. The reason for the appointment was the attempted removal (again) of the wart on Paul's left foot. Some of you may remember about a year ago Paul started treatment to have a wart removed. This is the same wart. The doctor has tried many methods to little avail. So this time he pulled out the big guns; he injected bleomycin (a cancer fighting agent) under the wart to kill the blood vessels feeding the wart. After the appointment Paul drove home and limped into the house.

His foot pain was pretty bad, so I drove him to work. Then he decided to take off early and I loaded the kids up to pick him up. By this time I was feeling pretty queasy and didn't feeling like cooking, so we decided on old shoe for dinner. We were a pretty funny sight at the restaurant I am sure.

In any case, by the time we got home Paul could barely walk and I was projectile vomiting. (Obviously we should have gone straight home). For the next three days Paul lay on the couch with his foot propped up with ice off and on it. The doctor ended up prescribing codeine. The wart is now swollen and black and blue. It is painful to look at. Meanwhile. I was not able to keep anything (even ice was a problem) for two days. By Friday morning I was able to eat popsicles. And tonight I ate real food! The doctor prescribed medicine that has helped a lot. Unfortunately I had to stop nursing Isaac for two days.

I was afraid Isaac would not want to nurse at all again. But that was not a problem. Yesterday morning he was more than willing. And I guess he nursed more heartily than I realized. Last night, he awoke during the night and I entered his room to check on him. I smelled a distinct odor. It smelled like newborn baby poop. You parents know what I mean. The yellowish stuff that isn't really stinky that babies that are only on breast milk have (since Isaac eats a lot of solids he hasn't had this for awhile). He must have nursed an awful lot because he was up to his armpits.

And speaking of baby poop. Sammy had for the first time in his life form bowel movements! The doctor recently started him on a juice drink with added protein. He is obviously digesting it well, so we are very happy about that.

Sorry if I grossed anyone out. Being a mommy really has changed my perspective on this sort of thing.

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Kathy said...

It does seem like you have definitely had a week for different sorts of bodily fluids leaving people's systems. I am glad to hear you are feeling better (and that no one else seems to have caught your cold). Yay for real food!
Hopefully Paul's foot heals (or at least the pain goes down) soon!