Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I miss Paul

Paul is now working 1PM - 10PM Monday through Saturday. The long hours are really hard on all of us. There are some advantages to having him home in the mornings, so maybe I wouldn't mind the schedule so much if it was only five days a week instead of six.

A strange effect of the new schedule is that I suddenly have a lot more time alone. Yes, the kids are here, but they are go two bed at 8:30 and Paul does not return home until 10:30. Plus, I am not as exhausted yet when afternoon naptime arrives, so I am able to get more done. Don't get me wrong, my house is still a far cry from truly clean, but it does look a lot better. I have found that when the children are awake, the amount of time it takes to clean one room is the same amount it takes to destroy another.

Unfortunately, I am not as productive as I ought to be. I am really good at finding ways to waste my time. For instance, I've really gotten into this whole blogging thing. It helps me feel like I am more connected to other adults. I read several blogs of people I have never actually met. I sometimes wonder if any of them are reading my blog. If so, please don't feel afraid to speak up.

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Cris said...

Shae-enjoy those "alone" moments in the evening! Put the kids to bed, give yourself 20 minutes to do a whirlwind clean up and then plop yourself on the couch with a bag of chips, a soda and watch something other than the Wiggles or Barney! Enjoy my friend!