Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Good Life

This has been an incredible day.

This morning I was awakened by the cries of a hungry Isaac. I was able to take him back to bed with me to nurse. When the others wake up first the morning routine is more hectic and I have to fit nursing him somewhere between breakfast and getting dressed. Anyhow, I really enjoyed holding him close and cuddling him. I am somewhat sad that he will not be nursing much longer. He has been losing interest, probably because there are so many tastier things to eat, and so much exploring that needs to be done.

By the time he was done, Abigail was awake. And from this point on things were hectic. Sammy had physical therapy this morning, and Papa came over to play with Abigail. Since I knew it would be lunch time right after PT, I decided to crock pot a meal. I made barbecue beef. Unfortunately, I forgot to plug the crock pot in.

So after therapy, I had to scrounge together a quick lunch. Paul thought quesadillas sounded yummy, so I put leftover taco meat and cheese in tortillas for him. Then I fed the kids leftover pasta and made myself a salad.

After lunch Isaac took a nap and Abigail, Sam and I played with the not quite impossible sticker book. Each page has silhouettes of different objects on it. The objective is to find the sticker that matches the silhouette. For me it is possible because I can read the captions below the silhouettes. Then I search through the hundreds of stickers to find the right objects. Then I hand them to the children, and given the right page they can usually figure it out. It was challenging but a lot of fun.

Then I put Sam down for nap. Abigail didn't seem too tired, so I didn't make her take a nap this afternoon. But I was exhausted. So I napped while she stayed up and played. When Isaac woke up. We found her sound asleep on the living room floor.

Once everyone was up we went to the park. I pushed the stroller and Abigail rode her bike.

Then after the park it was dinner time. So I packed up the BBQ and made a picnic for us. We then drove up to ITT and had dinner with Paul.

After dinner we stopped at the nearby Salvation Army store. My intent was to find clothes for the boys. We found some. But I also bought one pair of ice skates (way too big for my children, but they'll grow into them), one baby sling (which my baby is almost too big for but it was a really great price, and I'm sure it will be useful eventually), and one bicycle (with flat tires that hopefully just need air added) and not new tubes.

One the one hand the extra expenditures were frivolous and I should not have made them. On the other I still spent less than if I had gone to a department store and bought my boys each one outfit.

I love Salvation Army!

One of the coolest things that happened today is that when bed time came around Abigail and Sam raced each other to see who could get to bed the fastest.

Sammy won, since Abigail forgot her bear and had to come look for him.

But really I think I won.

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Nana said...

This sounds like a mountain top day.