Friday, March 2, 2007

And some people like to shop?

Last night Paul watched the boys, and I took Abigail out shopping. What kind of shopping? Clothing shopping. For me! Which is one of my most dreaded types of shopping. But at least I don't need a new bathing suit.
I went to all of the anchor stores and to a few of the smaller ones. The verdict: I am funny-shaped. I came home empty-handed, but at least I got to spend the evening with my daughter.

Does anyone else have the problem where nothing fits? I finally decided that I would look online and possibly order from someone who could make a garment according to my measurements. I'm a little nervous about this, though. In the meantime, I will stick with my blue jeans and Paul's old T-shirts.


Kathy said...

Shopping for clothes is not what I'd consider fun either. For the oldest of 5 children, I have a surprisingly large quantity of hand-me-downs. Then there are the "free" shirts from races and schools. But I have walked malls and stores looking for clothes or shoes at various points and time, so you are not alone.

Loree said...

I don't like shopping alone, because I'm always *certain* that everyone is judging what I buy and how I'd look awful in it, but I can't shop with someone else, because I don't like holding people up with my indecisiveness. That, and I almost always end up buying more.

I found that I like going for larger sizes, for some reason, so getting things to fit never bothered me as much. Yeah, fashion guru I am not.

So what did Abigail think of it? ^^

Shae said...

Abigail loves to shop. But she prefers to shop for herself. She also couldn't understand the concept of things not fitting. As far as she's concerned if you can get it on, it fits.

I did end up custom ordering a blouse. I'll post about it when it arrives. Also, I went to goodwill today and found several items.

The only question is: why didn't I try there sooner?

Kathy said...

Thrift stores are wonderful.