Thursday, March 29, 2007


I found out that I have been lacking in things to say the past month or so, so in an attempt to remedy the situation, here is a post.

I was greeted this past Sunday by the church's music director, Jeremy. He was wondering if I wanted to play for Holy Week Masses, and since I was planning on contacting him about joining the ministry again (now that Rachel's getting better about her so-called feeding schedule), I was all for it. So! Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, I'm back to playing for them. ^^ There is a rehearsal tonight, so we'll get to see how long the raptor can go without me. Bwaha.

I do need to break out the clarinet this afternoon, though - I saw a few keys in the music that I'll need to finger through before I screw up multiple times in front of everyone at rehearsal. ;_;

On learning to knit: has become my new stomping ground for doses of non-gamer, Internet-facilitated (and that phrase may not exactly be what I'm looking for) human interaction. Or, rather, knitty's chat channel. A few things I've learned from that and the cloth diaper community (because, well, that's how I got into knitting in the first place):

NAK: Nursing At Keyboard - the first 3 months, that pretty much was my default state whenever I was online. I've gotten better at one-handed speed-typing. I think.

Stash: Whatever it is you like to hoard, but feel embarrassed about hoarding (at least, to people outside the community) - From the CD community, cloth diapers, of course, and from the knitty channel, the Yarn Stash. We had a discussion on what counts as a yarn stash on the chat yesterday; by rationalizing that any planned project yarn doesn't count as stash, and that all yarn is for a future planned project, stash counts all lead to 0. This made many chatters feel better about themselves, I think. I myself have <10 skeins of yarn, and need to keep it that way.

Ah, by the way, I finished some longies for the raptor. I'll need to post a picture sometime.


Shae said...

I think I have probably 20 or so skeins. I have two half-finished projects. And no specific plans for the others. But I will use them someday.

It always seems that when I start a project I never have the right type or color of yarn.

I don't knit, though. I crochet.

By the way, do you know if there are any good patterns out there for crocheting longies?

Also, once the baby stops nursing so much, it is much harder to find time to use the computer. Though I never heard the acronym NAK before.

Kathy said...

I think it is exciting you are getting involved in music ministry again! I hope things work out for you!

My sister Mary is singing in the children's choir for the Easter Vigil and I get to read the Exodus reading.

My crocheting projects have included scarves, hats, potholders and a baby blanket. I try to stay away from anything big or complex due to a low attention span and an odd assortment of yarn. I do have several needlework projects in various stages of completion (or incompletion as the case may be). But it is nice to have something to keep my hands busy when I watch TV, movies, etc. Now if only I would stop misplacing my embroidery needles... it isn't that I don't have spares, simply it makes me wonder where they all go and hope I don't find out the hard way.

Loree said...

There are a couple of longies patterns out there ('s%20pants%20pattern.pdf being one of them). I googled crochet longies, and found a few free ones. I've been told that crocheted longies are "bulletproof" in the way of keeping cloth diapers from leaking, since they come out thicker, I think.

I don't know how to crochet, even after watching my mom do it all this time. ;_;

I'm very very bad about projects. I start and stop and forget. This reminds me to get another set of DPNs to finish the shorties I started...

Also very bad about losing needles. ^_^ At hope you're more organized than I am.