Thursday, March 22, 2007

Warts and All

Paul's humongous wart formed a humongous blister. So yesterday he went back to the podiatrist, who drained the blister and cut away the excess dead skin layers. It seems the doctor was very much surprised how large it had become. As he cut away the skin, he discovered that underneath the wart was a large vascular clump. It would seem that the reason Paul formed such an excessive wart on his heel is that he had a blood vessel malformation which it was able to feed on.

The doctor then called in a prescription for more codeine, dressed the wound and sent Paul on his way. Paul was supposed to leave the bandages on until this morning, but last night it was obvious from the degree of bleeding that the wound would need to be redressed. Unfortunately the blood had clotted partially around the lowest layer of gauze. Fortunately, I had enough experience with wound management (from Sam's tube surgery and the boys' circumcisions that I was able to deal with the wound. Also, fortunately we had some pretty potent topical antibiotics leftover from Sam. (Yes I know that you aren't supposed to use prescriptions on someone they weren't prescribed for.)

I made the comment that when we got married I hadn't particularly envisioned staying up all hours of the night to treat my husband's warts. It's definitely in the "in sickness" clause of the marriage vows. But I guess there are a lot of sicknesses that sound a lot more romantic. Anyhow, my husband knows now for sure (not that he doubted) that I love him with all my heart. (Wife and Mother : Not a job for the weak-stomached or faint-hearted).

In any case we were able to get the wound redressed (we repeated this morning). It is obvious that this wound is far greater and far slower in healing than the doctor anticipated. Paul did not go into work today. But I think by tomorrow he'll be able to manage (on crutches). He probably could have managed a half day, but instead he has spent the whole afternoon on the phone with his co-workers.

In the meantime, I am exhausted since the boys are both sick. Isaac has croup and an ear infection and Sam has the stomach flu. I, on the other hand, am fighting a cold and still not quite recovered from my bout with the flu.

Poor Abigail just wants things to get back to "normal".

Originally, I was going to take the kids to see "Seussical the Musical" tonight. Obviously that won't happen.


Nana said...

Believe it or not, these are the things that will make you smile later. In a perverse way that is. Actually I am amazed at what a strong woman you are becoming.
As a side point,Help! i need a name for confirmation. I'm afraid I don't know the saints that well.

Mr Cheerios said...

It is a good thing to have someone to care for you. This is not a fun experience and I am glad I am not going through it alone.

Nana said...

God had a good plan.

Kathy said...

In case the information is still needed, a list of saint names can be found at:
There are so many different names (and so many interesting saints) I can't think of one in particular.
Congratulations on entering the Catholic Church!

Dave said...

I have a cyst on my neck that's going to be cut off next Wednesday, but I bet it's not as impressive as this blog-worthy wart.

On a side, I've learned it's not wise to experiment with hormones. I took 50 mg of OTC pregnenolone, which is the precursor of all the major adrenal hormones, and after about twelve hours went extremely manic, like Dad in his phases. It was fun in a way, but also very terrible because I couldn't sleep until 4 am.