Monday, December 8, 2008

A somewhat surreal day

I woke up this morning to a cranky two-year-old climbing into bed. I didn't feel too good. Mommy's don't get sick days, but I figured I could take it easy today.

Then Omi woke up, like she had several times through the night. So I stumbled out of bed followed by a screaming Isaac. The other children woke up soon. And we feasted on a breakfast of oranges, cheese, and pretzels.

After eating, Abby wanted to play downstairs, but the boys did not. A screaming fit ensued. Then all of the children went into the boys bedroom to play house. I decided to join them since I didn't feel up to housework. Isaac was playing daddy snd was sitting on Sammy's bed, pretending it was the van. Well I guess he was pretty excited about driving because he started bouncing. And by the time I could yell "STOP" there was blood gushing everywhere.

I scooped up Isaac and had Abby run to get a washcloth. As I wiped the blood, I saw that Isaac had bitten his tongue. There was a pretty large gash. I asked Abby to get an ice cube. But since she couldn't reach them, she went to get Paul.

Did I mention that Paul was in bed sick? He hardly ever gets sick, but he was sick today.

I put a tea bag on Isaacs tongue to slow the bleeding. Unfortunately he bit the tea bag open. So after that I used washcloths soaked in tea and pressure against his tongue.

Paul went to go and buy popsicles from the Oxford One Stop. At the exorbitant price of $1.25 per popsicle. He took Sammy with him.

Abby helped me by bring tea bags and making tea. And also taking care of Omi. It was really amazing to see how concerned she was for her little brother. She was such a big help. I am really proud of her.

I called Papa to come and help out. And I continued to hold Isaac with pressure against the gash. It bled for about 45 minutes.

I called the doctors office. They said to keep pressure on it. Then he is only supposed to eat cold soft foods (like ice cream) for the next couple of days. And I am supposed to try and keep him playing quietly so he doesn't risk making it worse (Isaac, quiet?)

Isaac fell asleep on my lap with my finger in his mouth. I noticed he was wheezing pretty badly. Normally I'd give him a breathing treatment. But I couldn't really use the nebulizer, what with the bleeding and all.

When Isaac woke he was happy to have the popsicles.

I made a list for Papa. And sent Abby to the store with him to buy ice cream and such. They went shopping. Then Papa called. He had forgotten his wallet. One of us would have to come get the groceries. But they would keep them out for us.

Papa brought Abby home, with candy. Then he went on his way. And Paul went to the store with Abby.

Around about this point in time Sammy began to scream. He was hungry but wouldn't eat his lunch. And he was cold. And he didn't want to take a nap. He continued to scream for most of the rest of the day.

Paul arrived at the store only to discover that they had already reshelved the groceries. He did not have the list. But the cashier kindly attempted to help him get all the things that Papa had tried to purchase. She still had the receipt from the non-sale. It worked out well, since Paul got all the things we needed. He also got some extra things. Including shrimp that Papa must have been trying to buy, but I certainly wouldn't have (since Paul is allergic). And he bought candy for Abby, not realizing Papa had already bought her some.

When they got home I put the groceries away. And Paul went back to sleep. Omi was waking up from nap. And I made Sammy take a nap. But I didn't put the other two down. I gave Isaac some pudding. And Abby had some corn chips. Then Abby shouted. Isaac's eating a corn chip. And the next thing I know Isaac is screaming and bleeding again. Ugh!

So by the time things were settled down again. It was almost time to fix dinner. I made tacos, using the meat from last nights pot roast.

Paul continued to sleep. And Abby fell asleep on the chair.

Sammy awoke, and commenced screaming again. I finally got the kids settled by playing videos.

And finally bedtime came.

So Paul and I sat down to watch a Numb3rs dvd.

Then the phone rang.

It was Kathy.

I'd tell you why she called. But she might want to tell you herself.


Manda said...

Wow, that's really all I have to say.

Hope Isaac is feeling better soon!

jg said...

Hey! That's not a fair ending! :) it's a good thing I got a call from Kathy this evening before I saw the blog.

I hope that today was much better: the kids were calmer, and you and Paul are feeling better.