Thursday, July 24, 2008

Building a tower from writer's blocks

Apparently, a human cannot suffer from pseudocyesis from a physical cause because...

They don't call it that.

If a woman has a persistent luteal cyst causing the symptoms of pregnancy it is called Halban's syndrome. It is only considered pseudocyesis if a woman continues in the belief she is pregnant despite evidence to the contrary.

Weird. I'm having trouble writing for my book. Every time I write something, I decide I don't like what I wrote and end up deleting it.

But here's a basic synopsis of what the book is going to be

1. The female reproductive system, and how a pregnancy happens (from a scientific standpoint). Advice about understanding ovulation and trying to conceive.
2. Very early pregnancy, morning sickness. Home remedies for morning sickness.
3. Sharing the news.
4. Coping with Cravings
5. Maternity Clothes, how to shop for them wisely and how to make your own.
6. Staying Healthy during pregnancy
7. Handling illness during pregnancy, what drugs can you really take
8. Shopping for baby stuff - haven't decided whether this will include diapering or if that will have it's own chapter.
9. Preparing for Labor and Delivery
10.Taking care of yourself (physically post-partum)
11. Having a special needs baby
12. Dealing with a miscarriage or stillbirth
13. Breastfeeding.
14. Helping older siblings adjust to a new baby.
15. Post-partum Depression

I would like to have at least three funny stories per chapter. And I would like a funny title for each. With the possible exception of chapter 12 (because there really isn't much funny about miscarriage). And I don't want all the stories to be my own. So if you have a story you don't mind my sharing let me know (I can change names if preferred). It doesn't even have to be your own story.

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Manda said...

In response to your chapter 12 dillemma. I do have a name or concept for the title of the chapter. "Heaven needs babies too." These words came from a child of a mother I know who had 2 miscarriages in a row. His child's faith encouraged his mother and father in a very distressing time.

Hope that helps.