Monday, July 21, 2008

What a day for a day dream

This Sunday I was very ill (puking my guts out). So I had to stay home from church. Oh the Irony! Because this week I was actually prepared for my Sunday school lesson. But thankfully, aside from Omi spitting up a lot (even more than usual), no one else has been sick.

I can say at least I feel more sympathetic for Manda who has morning sickness really badly right now. Her doctor doesn't want to give her drugs for it. This is too bad, I like drugs (the good kind anyway).

I have been thinking about how it's too bad I've not finished writing my book yet. Then I could give it to Manda. And then she could try my advice and then tell me that none of it works. Or something.

I probably would have been writing more. But I've spent quite a bit of my "free" time making Barbie clothes. I've been thinking about starting a business selling Barbie/Ken clothes. It's not a brilliant financial idea. Except that it's really fun. And if I can make a little bit of money from it, it justifies the expense. And having a little extra income might be nice if Paul goes back to school next year.

He takes the GRE Friday. The averages for admission into the program he wants in are 600 verbal and 790 math (4.5 on the writing).

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Manda said...

Sorry to hear you were sick! I've been looking up all kinds of advice, and so far my body just doesn't care. But, if you do finish, I would love to read it (especially now that I'll have a point of reference for reading it). ^_^

Good luck to Paul on the GRE!!! Hopefully all his studying has paid off!