Monday, April 16, 2007

Taco Salad

I have been madly craving taco salad lately. So just about every meal I make one for myself. I switch it up a little bit, so there not all exactly the same. But I go through about a head of lettuce and a jar of salsa a day. Today I fixed pizza for my family (with leftover fajita chicken and peppers) and the idea of pizza seemed yucky so I had a taco salad. I think Paul was inwardly laughing at me (and he didn't even know that I had also eaten taco salad for breakfast).

I'm just glad it's a craving I can indulge without guilt or negative consequences. I am not losing weight right now, but I'm not gaining yet either. And interestingly, my fat stores from all over my body (and I believe me I had plenty are being depleted). My size eight pants are getting too big (they are low-waisted, so they cut below the belly bulge). My little bulge is actually kind of cute, well at least when it's hidden under a suitable garment. You don't want to even imagine three children's worth of stretch marks.

I worried a little bit about what would happen if I continue at this rate and lose all my fat stores. But I figure my body will let me know what it needs to feed the baby (babies really, since Isaac is still nursing). I told this to Paul. His reply: "Well then I'll know what's going on if I come home and seeing you gnawing on a stick of butter!"

On a completely unrelated note... Abigail had ice skating lessons today. This was only her second lesson, and she is pretty scared of the ice. She wanted to hold my hand all the time. The instructor was leading the group in a bunch of activities, but it was all I could do to get Abigail to let go for even a second. They had two assistants for the class, and I tried to get some help with her. But the one was working with kids who were more advanced, and the other spent his entire time with one little girl. This girl who was a smidge younger than Abigail and about the same skill level (at least at the beginning) did not have a parent with her one the ice (despite that supposedly being a class rule for children under 4). Instead both of her parents watched from the sidelines. I was mad at the time. It seemed highly unfair that their little girl monopolized the assistant's time.

But instead I guess I should be grateful that I was able to be with Abigail. For all I know, they are physically incapable of getting on the ice.

But maybe I will try to take her to the ice arena for open skating this weekend. That way we could practice.

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Paul said...

Maybe I will feel up to skating this weekend too.