Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Is Satan shivering?

Or are there pigs out there with those 747s?

My house is clean.

Okay, you neatniks would not probably call it clean.

Sunday morning the lady who was supposed to host Bible study this week asked if I could instead. I said yes. Then I came home and saw my mess and said, "What was I thinking????" So the children and I have spent the last two days "cleaning"? For the kids this mostly seems to mean making everything wet, but that's okay. I also had to explain to Abigail that Febreeze is for soft things (i.e. couch, drapes, mattresses). And pledge is for hard things (tables, chairs, bookshelves).

I was in the bathroom washing the countertop and I heard giggling and spraying. I came out to the living room to discover that Sammy was apparently a hard thing. I told her that Sammy is neither hard nor soft so we don't spray him. She said she thought he was soft. But to her dismay, I put the Febreeze away.

We continued cleaning until about 6:30 (with many, many breaks) since people were supposed to arrive at 6:45.

For dinner I fed them taco bell (my mother picked it up on her way over) as a special treat for how much they were helping me (and because I didn't want to cook dinner).

At Bible study we discussed how we can be peacemakers. (And why we should). I don't remember which exact scripture passages we discussed, although one was the peacemaker verse from the beatitudes.

Most of the evening I got to hold Jamie Lynn. She's not quite two months old, and oh so sweet. I used all of my excellent mommy dancing skills to keep her from crying. She was hungry, but her poor mommy really looked like she could use a break. Apparently Jamie nurses just about constantly. It felt really good to hold such a tiny one. It also felt good to hand her back to Colleen when the study was over.


Kathy said...

It took me a moment to get the opening joke. You'd think given I've been known to discuss near to impossible events as things that may happen when "pigs fly and the Browns win the Superbowl" I would've gotten it first read.

It sounds like you had quite an adventure in house cleaning! (I'm sure your house more than meets my standards of clean. We don't typically fall into the 'neatnik' category here.) Provided they didn't eat the cleaner or get it on their faces, I must admit the story of Abigail and the sprays sounds funny. Granted, I was not also in a rush to clean, so perhaps it wasn't as amusing when it happened.

I find it calming to hold (and walk around holding) a baby. (Provided I am having some degree of sucess in pacifying said baby.) It is weird though to think that it has been over 10 yrs since my youngest sibling was that age.

Dave said...

You know, you really can't fault Abigail's reasoning. Sammy is both hard and soft, and so why not apply both cleaning supplies as needed?

Nana said...

Since the house is clean, i should tell you that Howard wondered if you would like the little freezer and the metal desk. I told him that I didn't think you needed another desk. He hopes to get a storage unit tomorrow. maybe you will gain a little more space.

Shae said...

The freezer would be great!

What size is the desk?

Nana said...

It is a standard size metal desk I think. Haven't noticed it for awhile. Maybe you should talk to Howard about it. He still has the 750-7024 number.