Monday, April 23, 2007

New Post

Please notice, the post I just made showed up as having been written two days ago... Blogger is crazy, that's all.


Sara said...

Manda sent me over here. Because I hate my job and where I live at the end of my lease I am picking up and moving to Chicago. I am minimizing as much as possible because I don't know where I will land and that includes my yarn. I am trying to get rid of some -- all of it. It is red brand yarn primarily. She thought you might have an interest or know who might.


Shae said...

I love Chicago! Hopefully things will work out better there.

I love yarn. I probably already have too much, but it's definitely hard to say no. How much is there? Enough to actually make a reasonably sized project?

Although if any of the other yarn afficiandos want it, that's fine with me too.