Thursday, April 12, 2007

mustard covered onions

Doesn't that just sound yummy??? No? Then, unlike me, you are probably not pregnant.

So much for NFP. When I got pregnant with Isaac, it was easy to see that I had misread my signs. This time I am convinced that I did not. Depending on what due date the doctor determines, I will decide whether there was an exceptionally long lived sperm or if I ovulated a second time (both of these are scientifically documented but extremely rare phenomena). It is sort of frustrating to find that after all that abstaining we got pregnant anyway. Why bother with the NFP then??

But despite all of that I am delightedly happy. I figure God chose to bless us inspite of ourselves. God's timing is never wrong.

And since Abigail has been praying extra hard for a baby sister, I am willing to bet this baby is a girl (the way I feel is also a good indicator).

The best I can say for when the baby is due is sometime in December. Which could make for an interesting Christmas.

This afternoon I am sorting through clothes, no sense of having a closet full of stuff that doesn't fit now and won't fit anytime soon.

Besides that, something about being pregnant makes me want to clean and sort everything. Paul will come home and wonder what happened.

(By the way Dave and Monica if you are reading this, would you like our little coffee pot?)

I also find that eating healthier has been easier. Partly because I know what I eat is going to feed a little person. And partly because I keep craving vegetables.

On an unrelated note... I just found out we are getting a humongous tax return. PARTY TIME! Actually, although I have not yet discussed the matter with Paul I think that we will put ninety percent in savings and use the rest to buy new blinds for our living room (unless Paul thinks a new camera is more important).


Kathy said...

As to your statement "both of these are scientifically documented but extremely rare phenomena" wasn't that sort of the statement you heard a lot when you were expecting Abigail?

I will add my prayers to Abigail's regarding the whole "having a sister" matter.

I would write more, but I'm too tired. I just wanted to offer my congratulations!

Dave said...

Great to hear there's another one coming! (although how are Monica and I ever going to catch up?)

I'm curious, when you say "so much for NFP", does this mean that you were using the Lady-Comp faithfully, and still got pregnant?

Our Lady-Comp (I mean, Lady-Cop) has been extra strict lately, but I've assumed it's pretty accurate.

Dave said...

By the way, mustard-covered onions sound great.

JG said...

Congrats!!! Kathy just alerted me to the news!

(Sorry for never 'stopping in' at the blog before now...I kinda sorta lost the link and kept forgetting to ask for it again... But it's bookmarked now!)

Shae said...

I do still really believe that Natural Family Planning and the Lady Comp are as effective as they claim. But that claim is only something like 99.5% accuracy. Somebodies gotta be the .5% right?

And I guess this is also one of the reasons NFP is different from contraceptives. We are trying to work with our bodies. But God has the power to give us children anyway, and we are really not defying his desire for us to be open to life.

And I suppose that deep down I have really wondered if NFP is really morally acceptable or not since it still seemed like we were trying to block life. I'm more okay with it now.

Loree said...

I totally had a response written up for this, but I guess it never posted. -_-

Congratulations! Want some longies? >.> I'll believe in NFP, too, but it really does take more work than relying on a pill, eh? I'm glad, though, because it forces people to think about what they're doing.

And.. no. But I don't like mustard. :P