Friday, January 16, 2009

More science

If you take a cup of very hot water and fling it into very cold air. You will have snow before it reaches the ground. This was the science for this morning.

It is -13 F now, but it was -18 F when the experiment was performed. In other words "Man it's Cold".

It makes me wonder how Manda and Tony are doing. Only because it was so very cold a couple of years ago when we visited them in Chicago.

It also reminds of a story from "These Happy Golden Years" (book 8 in the Little House series). Fifteen year old Laura was teaching at a school away from home, and boarding with a very unpleasant family. Every Friday Almanzo Wilder (who was not yet her beau but would later be her husband), would drive all the way to pick her up and bring her home, and then would bring her back on Sunday afternoon. Well one Friday it was -40 F and she didn't expect him. But he came. And they had to stop every few minutes to chip the ice off of the horses noses so they could breathe. Their breath would freeze as it came out of them.

My children love the Little House books as much as I did as a child. They are often playing Little House, though they change which characters they are. Lately Abby has been Laura and Sammy has been Almanzo.

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Manda said...

A toasty 60F in our apartment as of this morning! Last night it was holding at 68F, but it nose dived overnight. Although, the people who go to Florida left yesterday, so I'm wondering if they turned the heat down before they left...