Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sammy's Birthday is past. It's hard to believe he is four years old! He is starting to read a little bit. I predict his reading will be caught up with Abby in another month or two. Although she is also progressing.

The Birthday party was a success. We did a double party with Isabell, who also just turned 4. We chose the Burger King with a playplace. Imagine nine littles ages ranging from 2 to 5 running around like mad. And then three little siblings crawling and being held. Plus two older siblings and about a dozen adults. We pretty much took over the whole play area.

Sam's Birthday always makes me a little melancholy though. He is such a miracle, and I feel like I just be totally happy. But it was such a frightening day when he was born that I have trouble looking back.

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Manda said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!! Congratulations on your little miracle.

love you,