Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party Time!

As I mentioned awhile back runnerdave and Leann (I never am sure if I am spelling her name right, please correct me, Dave) will be getting married this summer. Many of you have offered congratulations, but those have often been offset with the question. "Who is Leann (or is it LeAnn?) anyway?"

Well here's your chance to meet her:

When: Saturday, April 26 at approximately 7:00 PM (or is that midnight? oh wait daylight savings maybe it's 11:00) You are welcome to arrive anytime for the party. Although I would prefer not more than three days early. Runnerdave, you need to be here early!

Where: The Maurer house. If you don't know where that is, email me.

Also, you are all welcome to stay the night Saturday night. I am thinking maybe we could take a trip to the zoo Sunday after church?

Please pass this information on to any interested parties.


runnerdave said...

It's Leanne, actually. ;-)

We really appreciate the party in our honor. As a fun bit of trivia - Leanne is not a stranger to the area, having gone to Huntington College (just south of Ft. Wayne) her freshman year.

As another bit of trivia - she's also been asked to be queen of an African island. Come meet her and hear her journeys for yourself. ;-)

Manda said...

Now I'm even more intrigued! I can't wait to see you both and to hear all of Leanne's stories!

see you soon,

M LO said...

Hey, I actually do have a friend interested in a used Lady Comp (she's getting married in a month). Would you actually be interested in selling?

Shae said...

If I am pregnant (I'm about 90% sure even though the test was negative --it's probably just to soon to show up on the test), Then I definitely want to sell the Lady Comp. I can have all my numbers off of it too.

I don't think the problem is with the lady comp. It seems to be very accurate in pinpointing when I ovulate (the other signs for NFP also match up). The problem is that it can't predict soon enough. Paul's swimmers seem to be able to live inside me for nine days while waiting for me to ovulate. The lady comp is able to predict with reasonable accuracy five days before.

When is she getting married? i.e. how soon would she want it?

Anonymous said...

Did I read that aright? Are you expecting again Shae? If so, congratulations!

Also, what is a Lady Comp? Maybe you can tell me more about it when we visit as Tony and I use NFP, but in a very primitive fashion.