Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kathy beat me to the punch!

I was going to title this post "Happy Easter!" But that was already taken.

There is so much to say, it seems that it has been ages since I've really posted. I apologize for the lack of Lenten reflections this year. There has been a great deal of sickness in the family lately, which makes for a pretty chaotic lifestyle.

Right now Paul is playing Candy Land with the children ("Andy And" according to Isaac). The children are pretty good game players. Although their attention spans are pretty short.

At dinner tonight Isaac stood up in his chair pulled his pants and diaper down and went potty all over the floor. It was hard to keep a straight face when I told him not to do this, and to tell us that he needs to go potty. Potty training is hard work!!!

Our Easter has been very Uneasterlike. I am slowly recovering from the flu (the actual influenza virus) and the others were showing signs of starting to get sick, so we made the very difficult decision that it was best to keep everybody home. Paul got up, took a shower, drank a cup of ginger tea, and went back to bed. Ginger tea is amazing stuff in the battle against influenza. Seriously, I started recovering immediately when I started drinking it yesterday morning. You might be thinking "placebo effect", but if that was all it was you'd think the sudafed, robitussin, ibuprofen combo would have been enough. But actually, I looked it up, and there is a substance in ginger that has been found to actively fight the influenza virus. So today I made ginger popsicles and ginger jell-o for the kids. I also ate two tubs of salsa (the really good stuff) plain to drain my sinuses (not all at once). Then later in the day I got my mother to use her physical therapy lymphatic drainage stuff on me. It's amazing. I asked her to teach me how to do it so I can use it on my children.

Grandma Linda sent us very nice Easter baskets. There was just the right amount of candy (a few Hershey kisses per child). There were also raisins and veggie crisps (yummy!). The boys got a couple little trucks. Abigail got some stickers and a couple of necklaces (she only pouted a little about not getting any trucks). Paul got some chocolate covered pretzels and some new dockers and best of all ONE SOCK. It was actually a sock we had left behind on our last trip. I got a cool Pair of socks. A new smiley bandanna. And a pampered chef spatula thingy. I believe "spatula thingy" is the official term.

Naomi has reached the age of Spoilability now. She can switch from crying to cooing in an instant. She was in the living room this morning while the rest of us were in the kitchen. She started crying. Sammy entered the living room and she started cooing. Sammy left; immediately she was crying. Sammy returned; she was cooing. It was really pretty neat. And it made Sammy happy that he could make his sister happy. After a few minutes I came and got her and put her in the exersaucer in the kitchen. Then she was perfectly happy.

Paul and I have been watching Numb3rs a lot lately. We have the first three seasons on DVD. We've almost completed the series. It's a nice thing to do together after the big kids go to bed and Naomi is still wide awake.

Paul made dinner tonight. It was very nice. He has also been washing the diapers lately. I haven't even had to ask him. He just does it. He is such an amazingly good husband, God has truly blessed me through him.

Paul has been thinking about going to graduate school. He'd like to get a masters in electrical engineering with a focus on robotics. The two most likely possibilities are Purdue and Carnegie Mellon. He's hoping that he might be able to get an educational leave. It would be an adventure.
He wouldn't start classes until fall of 2009.

But all that might be affected by how much potential I might or might not have (Monica at least should be able to guess what I'm referring to).



mirtft said...

Happy Easter!

I'm glad to hear that everybody is at least getting better from all the sickness and just hope that they stay that way for a little while at least. :-)

One of these days before I leave I have a package for your family that I need to mail out... It will get out the door before I quit my quarters, I promise!

And I'll be sure to include some construction equipment just for Abigail. ;-)

M LO said...

Wow- sounds like there's lots of potential for future either way! It was nice to see you and the kids over the weekend.