Monday, April 20, 2009

Some interesting notes

- My children love to watch the movie version of "Click, Clack, MOO Cows that type". I am surprised they have not yet asked what a typewriter is.

- The other day we were talking about GI Joe. The children asked what that was. I said "It's like a Ken Doll, but it's a soldier." They then wondered if he had a sword and helmet. The only soldiers they really know about are apparently the ones from the Bible. I explained that he might have a gun. Abby knew what that was because Pa has a gun that he hunts with in the "Little House" books. My children are clearly sheltered, but I don't mind.

- David and Monica were here visiting for Spring Break last week. Paul and I went out with them on a double date. We played Putt Putt (I am not quite as awful as I used to be, but I still lost). Afterward we played games in the arcade. My favorite is spider stomp, but it is somewhat hard to play in flip-flops while wearing a skirt.

- One of the games I played was Pac Man. When I was a kid it seems like there was Pac Man everywhere. In gas stations, at restaurants etc. I think the Dairy Queen even had a two player Pac Man game.

- On rainy days my joints swell and I feel miserable. I think I must be getting old. I used to love rainy days.

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Manda said...

LOL It's not exactly good to have your kids "unsheltered." Good luck on the rain...speaking of which maybe that's why both shoulder blades and my hips hurt today...huh.