Thursday, November 13, 2008


My mother is going to take me shopping tonight. This is my parents Birthday gift to me.

Honestly, I am dreading it.

I know my wardrobe is pathetic. But honestly, I just have so much trouble finding things that fit right, that I would rather not try.

It doesn't help that I have gained a considerable amount of weight. Ugh! Stupid Halloween Candy!!!

I really need more self control. I know it's a fruit of the Spirit, so I'll keep on praying about it.

On other notes...

Happy Birthday to Manda!

May your Birthdays be all that you hope it will be!

Happy Birthday to Kathy!


Kathy said...



M LO said...

Well first, happy birthday. I really ought to get a list of everyone's birthdays. David is super-awesome, but he's not so good at remembering things like this.

Second, I hate shopping for clothes too. It's hard to find things that fit just right because some of the cuts and patterns are ridiculous. It's even harder in the summer when a proper lady wants to wear fashionable clothing AND keep a sense of modesty.

When I find pants or shirts I like, I take three different sizes and at least three different colors into the dressing room. I'm sure the salespeople think I'm shoplifting, but I don't care. I don't want to spend good money for an ill fitting shirt or pants that I'll never wear.

With pants, I test out each pair standing up w/out shoes, then standing with shoes, then sitting, then sitting w/ legs crossed each way, then bending over at the waist. With shirts there is a similar routine. It is rigorous, but it prevents buying ill fitting clothes. David has even started to use some of my techniques! So yeah, shopping for clothes is tiring. I really hope you found some great stuff to wear!

Manda said...

Thank you. Happy birthday to you soon!