Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, we're still here

As you know I've not posted much lately. Life has been interesting. A couple weeks ago I burned my hand (second degree). It's just getting to the point that it is fully functional again.

Kathy and Don stopped by for a couple of hours yesterday on their way back to Cleveland from Granger. It was good to see them. They seem to be doing well and adjusting to married life.

Saturday my mom and I, and the girls went to a baby shower in North Manchester for my cousin Kelli. She is expecting a little girl in just a few weeks.

A couple days ago, I was leaving the Walgreens parking lot at night and forgot to turn my headlights on. I was pulled over and received a warning. I think the officer felt badly for me since I was going to a drug store to by bandages for my burn. (And the store wasn't even open so I had to drive clear across town).

Sam's therapy has been going really well. He is making good progress. He has OT, PT and speech every Tuesday afternoon.

And for those who've been asking: I have not heard any news from the Ciarrocchis. I will post an announcement as soon as I hear.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to report so far... the due date is Sunday, but we're not showing a lot of progress yet. Doing lots of walking and praying, hoping that pregnancy does indeed end (Dave keeps telling me that no one has ever been pregnant forever, but I am skeptical).

Shae said...

That's right, no one stays pregnant forever. But believe me, I know those last few days/weeks seem to take forever.

jg said...

Hmm...getting a warning for not having headlights on. I got one of those once. (I had turned them off while dropping a friend off because they were shining right into someone's apartment.)

"Is there a reason you're driving without headlights?"
I look puzzled, then I flip then on and off a few times, "Um, no..."
He runs my license and such, and comes back, "I'll just give you a warning. But make sure you remember to turn on your headlights. That would be a stupid reason to get a ticket."

Yeah, it was kind of amusing. And also the only time I've ever been pulled over. Now to keep it that way....

Anyway, sorry to hear about the burn...ouch!

Manda said...

Ow, burns are not fun. I am glad it is healing though. Sounds like Sammy is doing great, which is an amazing blessing.