Thursday, March 26, 2009

An update

Paul will not be going to CMU next year.

He is still feeling pretty disappointed about it. I think he doesn't really want to talk about it though.
If you think he should have told you himself, but he hasn't, that's probably why.


Other News:

I went to Granger to visit Loree last week. I had a fun trip. Loree and the girls seem to be doing well. Loree made rice balls for us for lunch. Abby now insists that I need to make rice balls.

Omi has decided she wants to be big girl and has been going potty on the potty. I don't think I can find panties her size though.

We are having a passover seder at church next week. The teens are hosting it (which means that I am in charge). It is a lot of work! We made Matzo Balls this past Sunday. They seemed to turn out well.

We have come up with a list of household rules:
1. Always be kind to everyone.
2. Listen and obey.
3. Ask permission before getting anything out.
4. Be quiet when an adult is talking.
5. Food stays at the table.

so far they seem to be working out.

We have paid off the mortgage and now officially own our new house.

We have a new vacuum cleaner. It's a Kirby. It works really well.

My children are all wearing dresses and hopping around the living room. Abby tells me they are Yayiba girls and live in India.

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Manda said...

Sad news for Paul, I know he was really looking forward to the opportunity. Hopefully he'll have another opportunity when the economy turns around.

BTW, I like the family rules and descriptions of your children. Your little ones sound adorable as always. ^_^ Congrats on being true home OWNERS!!!