Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puppies are Cuddly

Last night and today I have had the experience of puppy sitting. This experience will continue until Wednesday evening when I return the dog (Therese) to her owner. The picture is from the end of March, when she was much smaller than she is now.

In anticipation of this task, I got a baby gate so as to keep the not 100% housebroken dog in my kitchen (where there is tile). But, to my dismay, she figured out very quickly she can jump the fence. So she's been spending time outside and has to sleep in her cage at night.

In some ways, it reminds me of dealing with my siblings when they were babies/toddlers. A lot of energy, coupled with bouts of napping, we do not speak the same language, and she likes attention. And attention she gets, even from strangers as we are out for a walk.

In the morning, I take her to my folks' house when I go to visit. My youngest sister is ecstatic. She loves all animals.

And on a side note, Happy Birthday Jess!

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