Monday, May 19, 2008

I feel like I owe you all a post. It's been so long. I'm not sure that there are any of you out there. Except Kathy, I know she still reads this. Thanks Kathy!

Loree hasn't been on lately, and hasn't posted for a really long time. I heard it through the grapevine that she's expecting #2 in October.

Naomi is getting so big! She is sitting up a little bit on her own. She is very vocal. She is also learning about cause and effect. If I cry, mommy comes and picks up my toy... If I throw my toy on the floor will mommy pick it up? No, but Abby will.

Isaac is getting into everything these days. I thought Abigail was mischievous, but Isaac is oh so much more. Yesterday morning he ripped open a box of crackers, then he pulled out the utility scissors to cut open the inside plastic bag. He is very resourceful. Putting things up high will not keep him out. Some days he seems to spend more time in time-out than not.

Sam has made amazing progress. But his delays are seeming more apparent when he is around other children his age. I have to make the hard decision on whether or not to continue holding him back in gymnastics. I think I will. I don't think he minds being in the two-year-old class. And there's no way he could keep up with the three-year-olds. Then I have to decide if it's a good idea to have him in the same class as his little brother. Sometimes I get frustrated and forget what a miracle he really is.

Abigail has become Abby lately. Partly because Isaac can't say "Abigail". And partly because Abby is easier to write. She's doing really well with her school time. I think homeschooling is going to be loads of fun.

How am I doing? I'm getting by. I've had a rough couple of weeks. But taking care of such lovely children helps me to get through each day because I don't have much time to think.

Paul is such an amazing husband. He's been working really hard lately and I know he's worn out. The wart on his foot, whom we have named Bob, is still going strong. It's painful for him to walk very much. I sometime think maybe he needs to see a different doctor, but of course that's his decision.

And speaking of decisions, Paul has the opportunity to work on the type of project he'd really like at ITT. But it would involved frequent trips to New Jersey. He seems to think it would be only a few days every couple of months, which I could handle. But taking on this position would not be very compatible with his plan of going to grad school. So he'll have to choose between them. He spent quite a bit of the afternoon reading his Bible and praying about it, but I don't think he knows yet where God is leading him.

And I will gladly follow wherever that is. But the not knowing really drives me nuts.

In the meantime I will focus on:


Cheryl's wedding is only one month away. And my dress is a smidge too little.


Kathy said...

So I have to comment on the irony that Abigail is going by Abby. Just yesterday mom was asking if my friend's daughter was named Abby and I said that she was called Abigail.

You're right, I'm still reading... sometime perhaps I'll even write a new post.

Good luck with the dress hunt, that can be a bother sometimes...

Shae said...

Not hunting for a dress. Trying to make the one I have fit. Which will likely involve highly uncomfortable undergarments and a skilled seamstress.

Kathy said...

ewww... that does not sound fun

mirtft said...

Thank You!
Thank you so much for posting Shaelin! I really appreciate hearing about all of the day to day adventures, trips, and wedding excitement! And especially thank you for all of the pictures updated recently (like today :-). Apparantly I've chosen a good couple of days to take time off and actually catch up on most of my correspondence.

I'm wishing you and your family the best. I'm so glad that you've been involved in so much happiness and celebrations of the progressions in life recently. I hope that everybody remains healthy and that Paul is able to make a decision he is comfortable with for his and your family's future.

Lots of love to everybody,
Scott (Smiley Happy Feet :-)

Anonymous said...

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