Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our adventure tonight

This afternoon I took Paul to the Indy airport to catch his flight to Hyderabad, India. Most of you blog readers should know a little about his trip plans, though I am beginning to think some of the letters we sent were lost in the mail.

After dropping Paul off, I hopped back onto I70 and was passing through town. I saw several cars with marching band decorations and I decided to take the children to the state marching band finals at Lucas Oil Stadium. (I had the three younger children with me).

We found a nice parking place very close to the stadium and walked over, only to discover that the tickets we needed to purchase were on the other side of the stadium (opposite corner). On the way there we were headed right into a marching band, but they allowed us to pass.

We sat in the handicapped section, it was recommended by the ushers. It worked out very well, we had an excellent view and the kids could wiggle around without disturbing others.

My personal opinion is that Avon had the best performance, but we did not stick around for the judging.

The trip home was non-eventful. I was amazed with the ease of getting into and out of the stadium. I did stop part way home because the van was making a sound like "clunka, clunka, whirrrr". When I stopped I saw that one tire was a little low. So I put air in it. I think that helped.

Hopefully Paul will be able to call me or post on here Monday morning.

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