Friday, February 26, 2010

Adjusting to life with 5

Sarah has had a cold the past week. She is finally seeming to get better. But she seems to want to be held all the time. I am suffering from severe lack of sleep. But otherwise we are doing well.

Sarah seems to be sensitive to wheat and milk. These are easy enough to give up.

Isaac has been having lots of allergy issues lately so we had to take him off of wheat as well. He seems to be getting better. But it doesn't help that he refuses to take his asthma medicine unless he's REALLY sick.

Abby participated in the science fair on Saturday. Paul posted about it on his blog. I was sad that I couldn't go because of Sarah being sick.

Now we are working on getting ready for the geography fair.

Well I better go and get a load of diapers in the wash before Sarah wakes up.

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